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Requirements for Demat Account Opening
Follow the procedure mandated by SEBI and enjoy the benefits given by a demat account
Summarizing the process you need a DP, he will hand you a DAO form, it must be filled and documents to be submitted.

Demat Account Opening Requirements

Demat account opening requirements awareness is a must if you plan to open a demat account, needed for trading and investing in Indian stock markets. Having a demat account has it's variety of benefits and once you have filled out the demat account opening form provided to you by the DP then after a short time your account will be activated and you will be given a unique number to be used in making trades.

  • Please provide at least one contact number
  • STD Phone

Having a PAN card and savings bank account are mandatory requirements for demat account opening. As a security measure your bank details are required as part of demat account opening. The dividend/warrants issued by the companies will have your name printed on it so that it cannot be misused by another person. It is not a requirement to be major for demat account opening. A demat account in the name of a minor can be operated by a guardian till the minor becomes major.

Procedure of demat account opening

Following are the course of action that should be taken by an individual, while opening a demat account.-
  • Subscribe to the services of a Depository Participant in order to open a demat account. A DP is authorised under National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services India Limited (CDSL). Most banks, broking companies, financial intermediaries are Depository Participants.
  • You must duly fill up the demat account opening form (DAO form) and sign on the dotted lines wherever required in the form provided by the DP.
  • Under the mandate of SEBI, you need to include copies of the demat account opening documents.
  • At the time of verification, you need to produce your original pan card for opening a demat account. . dissertation writing services